The Web can be a beautiful place.

Well, to be honest, it’s often an UGLY place, so that’s why our team of experts strive to combine robust functions, user-centered designs and oh yeah – drop dead GOOD looks. There’s no reason why you can’t have your cake and eat it too. BEAUTY and BRAINS. What more can you want from a website?

At L7 we don’t just make websites; we create impactful experiences for and around your brand on anything with a screen. Every detail from the color of a button to the phrasing of a sentence impacts the overall story your brand is telling. Our design decisions go beyond aesthetic preferences and have your user and business objectives in mind. The result: A stunning and engaging experience for your customers that is both timeless and memorable.

We leverage the latest cutting edge technologies and balance them with considerations for your users, devices, and customers. As with all things, the experience comes first. From iPhone apps to robust custom websites and custom web applications tied into easy to use content management systems.

They say a design and strategy is only as good as its execution. That is why our team is comprised of some of the top interface engineers, coders, and programmers in the world. Together, we can execute the most complex developments while maintaining usability (another way of saying ease of use.) But we do not stop there. We aim for flawless performance, built with the future in mind. And if need to integrate with another back end or 3rd party solution, no problem, we can do that too. From websites to robust social networks, and custom eCommerce solutions, there is no project we cannot handle. If you can dream it, we can build it. We pride ourselves on solving problems and getting results. The following is a list of service offerings, but if you do not see your need, let us know and we do our best to solve it.

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Responsive Websites

In this day and age, devices, and screen sizes change faster than news headlines. In order for websites to be forward thinking, we now build them using responsive logic. What this means is instead of just developing a site for one size, or a series of sizes, the website is created to adjust to fit different browser sizes and shapes. The result is that websites we create can function both in the majority of existing devices, but it will also work for many of the new screen sizes as they come out. This will provide both improved usability for your end users, and also help you to pass tests such as Google’s mobile-friendly test. or Read more

Frontend & Backend

We are able to design and develop solutions for any number of applications. From front end focused websites that serve as brochures, portfolio, or general marketing pieces, to custom backend developments for everything from commerce, to social media sites, to any custom programming need you can imagine. Not only can we develop for any need, but we can also help you flesh out both strategies and tactics to ensure that you create the best possible user experiences. Learn more


A website or app is only as good as its ability to be accessible, load quickly, reliability, and without interruption. Sadly, there are tons of commoditized solutions that throw thousands of sites onto shared hosting, hurting performance, reliability, and most importantly load time. But it goes a step further; good hosting is one of the easiest ways to optimize your site. On the wrong hosting, you could be penalized for being next to a blacklisted website. Additionally, you should be able to just set your website, and not have to worry about it. For that reason, most of our clients host with our fully managed, headache free hosting. With daily backups, automatic remediation, and state of the art solutions, our sites load faster than 99.9% of sites out there. Learn more

SEO & Reputation Management

Do you know what shows up when people google you and your company? Do you know that its not completely out of your hands? About 36% click through the first result, 12.5% the second, 9.5% the third, 7.9% the fourth, and 6.1% the fifth. That makes the first page of search results immensely powerful, and dangerous if you do not control it. Whether you are a business, an individual, or a NPO, you should know where you stand, and consider the options to control this crucial, and potentially devastating aspect of your reputation. Learn more