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At L7 Websites + Branding, we love to create the right blend of strategy, easy to use technologies, along with stunning graphic designs – we create emotional connections between your brand and your customer. From global brands to local start-ups we thrive on bringing you memorable solutions that captivate, inspire, compel, elevate… and ultimately SELL you and your brand.

Empower brands at every stage

As part of the L7 Ventures, we offer a comprehensive suite of offerings for all stages of a business. Whether you are looking to launch a new venture, push out into a new marketplace, or if you are ready to cash out – yeah, we do that. And we do it right, the first time.

We specialize in websites and brand strategy, but our process is the same across the board, as the best product/solution(s) come from good strategies based on the right relevant information.

Thus, our time-honed process is simple, pragmatic and effective, and its starts with asking the right questions. Like a visit to the doctor, you often know the symptoms, but not the causes. And much like a good doctor, we not only listen, but dig deep, run the right tests, and we don’t stop until we find the right answers for you.

The true value we deliver comes from fully answering the who, what, how, and why of your business. By understanding the “who,” we map out who your customers and your market are. The “what” and “why” of your business i.e. your brand strategy. And last but not least, we cannot forget the “how” or the business strategy.

With a clearly mapped out brand and business strategy, we not only understand direction and goals but also how what you sell can best fit your customers’ needs. Over the long run, this will lead to new revenue streams, higher client conversion rates, shorter sales cycles, increased account sizes and lowers costs and time.

Unlike most agencies, we offer services for the entire lifecycle of a brand. From launching entirely new ventures to raising capital to a hard market push to preparing for and selling the business, we can help.

The following breaks down our agency offerings into four major categories. If you do not see a solution for your need, or if you are ready to get started, contact us today, and we will do our best to solve it.


– Business Strategy
– Brand Strategy
– Marketing Strategy
– Ideation
– Innovation Consulting
– Opportunity Identification

Technology & Development

– Brand Logo & Style Guide
– Responsive Websites
– Custom Programing
– Social Media/ Directory Setup
– Print Design
– Multimedia & Content Creation

PR & Marketing

– Public & Media Relations
– Digital Marketing
– Multi-Channel Campaign Strategy & Execution
– Ongoing Counsel & Management
– Paid Media Planning
– Image Consulting & Trend Spotting


– Small Business Accelerator
– Buying/ Selling Companies
– Executive Outsourcing
– Mergers & Acquisitions
– Enterprise Finance
– Risk Identification & Management